M_01 2021

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*the geocentric planetary motions give a visual monthly overview of planetary positions and motions in our Solar system in relation to Earth.

*around the Earth in the middle are phases of the Moon, then planets and some more known, used and interesting minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, trans neptunians and 9 hypotheticals, approximately arranged by speed – the faster moving ones are closer to the center, while the slower ones are further outside. For the meaning of symbols see the Astro basics and addons pdf file under Astrology/What is astrology.

*the ‘signs’ on the outmost rim represent constellations, divided according to the bio dynamic gardening of Rudolf Steiner, where everything is done according to Moon’s position in front of zodiacal constellations (not in signs), and the element/impulse (earth = root, air/light = flower, water= leaf, fire/warmth = fruit/seed) they (Moon and planets) are conveying  to not just plants but every living being on Earth.