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Monthly Mandala for January 2021

They say the ground is shaking when important things are going on. Indeed, I witnessed slight tremors when Tibetan Lamas call upon the Protectors of a place to get their compliance with what they plan to do. So, the birth of my web sight must also be important 🙂 considering what has been happening since I finally signed for the domain – and right with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, the sign of electronic devices. Moreover, at the same place I had a progressed New Moon 29 years ago when the first computer appeared on my desk. With the First Quarter Internet came with a Pentium computer. I did join Centaurs 18 months before the progressed Full Moon, but it took some time before I started posting… and contributing with Monthly Mandalas just before the Last Quarter. In 14 months the next sp New Moon will happen in my chart, atop sp Chariklo at 1 Pisces. Wonder what that will bring… In the meantime, the present moment is totally crazy.. as it can and will be with a lot of Aquarian energy enveloping the planet.

Aquarians are extremely sensitive to what is happening in the society, just prefer to stay far from center stage (reserved for Leos). But they rush in when the situation is extreme, to be on the barricades or help out with humanitarian efforts. With Jupiter and Saturn in Aq we will see both, crazy and extreme situations shaking and waking people up and selfless acts of mercy and compassion, that can hopefully show us different ways leading to more human and nature friendly societies.

There are many hypochondriacs among Virgos.. but they are nothing compared to Aquarians, once they learn about the existence and functioning of the microbiological world in, on and around us. Adding that to corona and Aquarian’s need for distance.. it doesn’t look we will be hugging each other freely so soon.

But we can do great things from our edge of the universe if we let our minds and imaginations run freely to invent much much better ways to do things, set up our communities and live our lives. We just need to learn to live with the unexpected and disrupting sides of Aquarius.

Like we do here. Namely, I’ve been mentioning the 5,5 Richter quake that shook Zagreb an all of us out of our socks at 6:24 am on March 22 last year. There has been more than a thousand aftershocks since then; some people with very damaged property and very thin nerves left the city, but most got used to tremors in a way, hoping they will stop soon. It took 8 months after the last equally big one here (9 Nov 1880 at 7:38:53) for the ground to settle. In that regard to have a noisy, rumbling 2,7 R aftershock on Jan 3 21 at 9:19 am is no wonder.

What was totally unexpected happened on 28 Dec 20 at 6:28 am, when a 5,1 R quake shook Petrinja, a small town some 40 km from Zagreb, so we felt it quite well here and had another lousy reminder of the shock we had in March… suffered some additional damage here, but lot of buildings got damaged in Petrinja, Sisak, Glina and surrounding villages.. with quite strong aftershocks throughout the day and next morning…

I was working like mad preparing stuff for my web site until 5 am on Dec 28, concluded I had to eat something before being able to sleep, so it was after 6 am when I finally stretched out and just started to fall in to a well deserved oblivion when it shook – no sleep after that of course, and hardly any the rest of the day for either the ground shaking or phone ringing would wake me up again. What a nightmarish, Jupiter 180 Vulcanus, Sun 120 and Palas (buildings) 90 Uranus day it was..

Press, emergency workers and volunteers from around the country rushed to Petrinja and many cameras were rolling for the Mayor of Petrinja was giving a statement… while I was just waking up the next day thinking ok, feeling better, let’s get back to work, when at 12:19 pm on Dec 29 someone turned on the tumble drier! While the quakes with the epicenter near by would shake us up and down with a horrible noise, the ones a bit farther are quiet, shaking more sideways – and this one with 6,2 R was so violent it was the first one to get me jump up and head outward in pajamas during the quake. But it is hard to pull up the shades while things are falling around, doors opening and house jumping in various direction… so those 20 seconds of utter bewilderment just passed until I was able to step out.. and have been sleeping with shades up or just partly down again since then.

People in Petrinja were literarily falling from their feet, and from roofs they were patching up from the previous quakes, so lives have been lost this time and the already damaged area got fairly leveled again. For they have been under occupation during the recent war and although most of the houses were rebuilt (but it seems in a questionable, obviously unsafe manner so the investigation already started), lot of people never returned, leaving the area still wounded and legging behind. Now people had to flee again, especially those from towns with unlivable houses and children traumatized with constant tremors. But most of those in rural areas stayed with their livestock, sleeping in cars and garages. So while the Red Cross is swamped with old clothes, people mostly need mobile houses, living containers, heaters and alike. It was fascinating to watch convoys of donated campers driving in.. and a lot of chefs, having their restaurants closed due to corona, went there to cook for locals, emergency services and volunteers in improvised field kitchens amongst ruins.

‘This is Hiroshima!’ wailed the Mayor of Petrinja. Many say this is worse than war, when you at least new your enemy. For regardless of all the geo and seismological knowledge, quakes are still a higher power we are not understanding fully, nor are we able to predict, much less prevent. But we can research. Moreover, the predecessor of this quakes in Petrinja is the famous Kupa river basin quake from 8 Oct 1909 that helped Andrija Mohorovicic (born 23 Jan 1857 Opatija, died 18 Dec 1936 in Zagreb, Croatia) further the seismological knowledge and discover the ‘Mohorovicic discontinuity’ in earth’s mantle.. and in a way, this series of quakes got me in to looking – not just the chart for the ‘first, main quake, for just like in 1909, this series is exceptional with the first quake not being the strongest one – but look at the whole series of stronger quakes and many aftershocks.

So there I was, dangling with one leg up on an old trunk, with the pocket light in hand trying to locate a Croatian booklet on earthquakes, on Jan 6 at 6:01 pm when another 5,00 R hit, with short, strong jolts, freaking out a lot of people. But to my own surprise, I just shrugged it off, continuing to look for that book, concluding how this is getting old and boring. Found the book hoping there will be more info on the 1909 quakes, but nothing more than a date.

Sadly, because what came out as most striking in the current series, is angles – and them making one whole circle in 24 hours is what is making quakes so hard to predict. For there are many, regular hard aspects with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Vulcanus or AW Tekton that do not trigger such devastation. But can, together with surprisingly Nodes, when on angles.. and when the time for some fault to snap is ripe.. that we are still not so apt to forecast. But once some location starts to shake, we can look at times when those slower moving triggers will be at angles. For aftershocks do happen in similar times, and similar times give similar angles.

Among slow triggers at this time is certainly the Jupiter Saturn conjunction with a pull of its own, and much more with their oppositions to Vulcanus (at 2Le02)  and Varuna (4Le28). Ad to that the Full Moon happening atop Hades, the master of underground, and the local Vetex (shared, collective state of consciousness) in conjunction with them… oh boy, was I glad when it passed, with ‘just’ 4,8, and 3,9 aftershocks while Moon was conjunct Hades. But the locals are still terrified, not just because of continuing tremors, but by a dozen of big unprecedented sinkholes opening up and threatening to swallow up houses.

One more thing asking for a historical review is the upcoming 3 conjunctions of only slightly faster Hades with Kronos at 19 Cancer, still looking distant (19 June 2030 + 14.2.+9.5.31.), but in fact we can already witnessing what corruption and illness (Hades) can do to world leaders (Kronos). This conjunction will span the decades… and cause not just a lot of scandalous behavior from leading experts and world leaders, but increasing poverty, meanness and crime.

The Vesta Neptune opposition appeared on angles few times, with Vesta slowing down before retrogradation (SR on Jan 19 from 21Vi24) and repeating the opposition (10 Dec 20 + 10.2. +2.7.21.), never getting out of Neptune’s spell from early December to late February. Allowing liquefaction. We may present a squeaky clean face from outside, but the deep, hidden waters of dependence and addiction (social media brainwashing can be equally dangerous as alcohol and drugs) are doing their undermining work unseen, until it all crushes down.

Vesta also stands for waiting, and the 2 strongest quakes did brake water lines on our slippery slopes so we had to wait until they were repaired. But what affected many more people was the lack of electricity, for not just that the local net and many transformer stations were damaged, but the 6,2 quake caused the nuck plant to go in to automatic shutdown, leaving most of Zagreb without power for quite a while. I’m still courting my blessings not to be among them.. and for still having a roof, increasingly leaky, but still roof over my head!

Although already a bit wide, the multiplication of disruptions with Uranus opposition to Apolon (16.6.18.-2.3.20.) is still active, showing up on the angles, while the next Uranus opposition also calling for a historical review, with high costs of disruptions (Uranus in Taurus) to water management, sea travel, shores and exploitation, and a lot of tensions due to uneasiness in facing the truth is already knocking at our doors (30.6.+1.10.21. + 5.5. + 17.12.22. +7.3.23.), heralding a crisis from the middle of fixed signs.

It is understandable for the ‘Magnetic Ascendant’, Vertex, the point of mutual consciousness to show up in interesting places; 0 Vulcanus more than once, also 0 Pluto, Quaoar, Sedna, Kronos also more than once, also 0 Zeus & Toro, Kupido and in opposition to Palas.

Here is a list if you want to get a closer feeling:

The first one in the series on Dec 28 had Asc 0 S.Node, the next one Asc between Sun and Mercury with Hades on Dsc and IC 0 Uranus. The evening one (those always freak out people who just settled for the night) had MC 0 Moon close to the N.Node and IC 0 Poseidon.

On Dec 29 the first one had Asc 0 Zeus and Dsc 0 Eris with IC sep 0 Pluto and Mercury opposing Kronos. The next one had Asc 0 Kupido, Dsc between Moon and Admetos, IC sep 0 Mars and Vx 0 Hygiea. The biggest one of all had Mars on Asc, Kronos on IC and Mercury on MC. The next one shook with Asc 0 Uranus, the next one with Asc apl 0 Sedna, IC apl to Vulcanus and MC to Saturn and Jupiter. Next with Asc 0 Vulcanus, Dsc apl to Palas and IC apl to Zeus. The evening continued with Mars on MC and Haumea on IC. Next had Hygiea on Asc and Vx 0 Quaoar, the next Vx 0 Pluto.

The morning of Dec 30 started after the Full Moon with 4,7 R and Moon 0 Hades, Asc 0 S.Node and Venus, and Vx 0 Vulcanus. The next followed with Vx 0 Varuna. Passed midnight on Dec 31 the next came with Mars 0 Dsc, Asc apl to Haumea, IC separating from Jupiter and MC from Vulcanus with Vx 0 Sedna. Few hours later came the one with IC 0 Neptune, MC 0 Vesta, Dsc 0 Admetos and Vx 0 Kronos. It was followed by the one with Asc 0 Palas, IC sep from Admetos, Moon 180 Pluto, and Venus 0 S. Node. Next came at the tame of Astraea 90 Tekton. With the nightfall came one with Asc between Hades and Kronos, Sun sep from Dsc and Vx 180 Sedna.

The 6:37 am alarm clock with 3,7 R on Jan 1 came just after Moon 90 Uranus, with MC sep 0 Zeus and IC apl 0 Eris and Vx 180 Palas (getting people running from buildings again). The next one had Vx 0 Zeus and Toro and the MC/IC axis squaring Mars.

On a bit quieter Jan 2 the strongest one with 3,5 R had Asc 0 Hygiea, Vx 0 Kupido and Ic sep from Mars. The one with equal strength before dawn on Jan 4 had Dsc apl to Admetos, the IC/MC axes on Neptune and Vesta, Vx 0 Kronos, while the Sun was trine Croatia. The next had Asc sep from Sun, MC from Poseidon with Moon 120 Hylonome and Mercury 0 Pluto. The evening one had MC sep Uranus and IC apl Poseidon.

The wake up call on Jan 6 had Asc sep from Mercury 120 Sedna and Vx apl 0 Tekton.. on the day of Venus 180 Echeclus and Chaos squaring Rhiphonos.. and the humanitarian efforts driven to extremes, with some people being overwhelmed by volunteers dropping in every couple of hours with more food and asking if they need anything.. Yes, a new house was the most common reply. And for the good night, at 6:01 pm a 5,1 with IC 0 Moon apl to Zeus, MC apl to Eris, Asc sep from Vulcanus and Varuna and Dsc sep Jupiter and apl Palas.

I’ll leave it here, foremost for the aftershocks became somewhat weaker and I haven’t been writing down the times for the slight jolts – it is really becoming old and boring… and we all hope here no more big ones will occur … at least for a century! If you are interested in looking in to this more deeply, I can supply the data. Just as I was writing this, shortly after Urania 90 Tekton  and the challenge of earthquake astrology, on Jan 9 at 10:29 pm the house started jolting and moaning again. Vx is 180 and Asc 0 Rhiphonos, squaring Chaos and Echeclus in sep 0 with MC, IC apl to Ixion and Moon soon 150 Uranus, 0 Bertholda & Juno.

I guess with Aquarius getting the center stage, we all have to be shaken, psychologically, socially or quite literarily to open our eyes to new possibilities. But it is essential to mix up Jupiter and Saturn correctly. For is we combine Jupiter’s prejudgments with Saturn’s fears we are risking violence and anarchy. It is far better to combine optimistic, spiritual and nature loving aspects of Jupiter with responsible, hard working, realistic outlooks of Saturn.. and who knows we could really change our lives for the better, and with it the world 🙂

Btw, my web site is finally up! Just partly done for now, but you can check yearly phenomenae (so don’t call me to ask is Mercury retro again, please check it here!), monthly charts, Insights and daily aspects on the left column and combine them if you click on Astrology of Now, depending on your browser. With the older ones you can just download the pdf files, with newers click on the pdf and scroll. And have useful Insights 🙂

Wishing you all a safe and stable foothold,

Julia P. Lhadon
Croatian Astrological Association, from now also at http://juju.com.hr/