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Monthly Mandala for April 2020

When I started this review of the challenges that Venus, the lovely and certainly lustful lady of economic wellbeing is cooking up for us with her upcoming retrogradation, the focal point was the corona virus and its impact on the world currently in a state of economic hibernation. But then (March 22 at 6:24 am) Zagreb, my home town was hit by a 5,5° R earthquake, followed by two equally terrifying ones (7:01 5,2° R and 7:41 3,7° R) and more than 800 aftershocks since and counting, so my focus shifted a bit. Quite memorable were those longest 10 seconds of violent up and down shaking with a terrible rumble and things falling around me, so in stead of enjoying the unprecedented silence (no planes, trains, hardly any traffic), we all have ptsd and still jump on every rumbling sound, like a car starting and coming down the hill. Since many times it is not a car but another aftershock.

The quake hit with Mercury 4i in the midpoint between Quaoar and Uranus; speaking about a shocking and loud awakening! Interesting is Bennu in conjunction with Uranus; quite right, this fiery bird represents renovations and restorations – it will take years, probably a decade to patch the city up again, like after the most devastating quake to hit Zagreb on 9 Nov. 1880 at 7:39, with Uranus 13c in midpoint between Quaoar 14a and Mars at 12e 180 Neptune at 12_. Many of the now shattered buildings date to the time of that rebuilding. Chiron was conjunct Vulcanus at 15_, opposed by Sun at 17e at that time, with Moon at First Quarter conjunct Hades at 16h. There was also a Sedna Kronos conjunction at 3^. This time Chiron was 5^ opposing Vertex (!), and with the upcoming New Moon at 4^, moreover in conjunction with roid Croatia, and squaring Quaoar and Cupido (collective experience) on South and Sisyphus on N Node, I was quite apprehensive until it passed fearing another big one, but there were only many aftershocks all day, up to 3,2°R. They mostly happen when angles and Vertex hit various planets. Especially the Uranus (shock) Apolon (multiplication) opposition. Also around Nodes and Hades (Moon was 120 Hades an hour before the first one, that has IC between NN and Hades).

Sadly, can’t check it before 1900, but it is clear we find Bennu prominent during the events of destruction that trigger the need for renovation. And during renovations changes inevitably happen. Just like when we destructively encroach nature to meet new viruses that then mutate and adopt to our species. Like this virus is doing now.

Facing the devastation around the epicenter higher up on the Bear Mountain and to the older buildings down town, I can just count my blessings that my home is still livable, with all the utilities in function. Few things broke, like grandma’s big antique mirror, thrown off the most affected NE wall, where the cracks above the staircase increased. The old wooden staircase is thankfully still standing, because it was repaired and properly secured to the walls few years ago. Same goes for the chimneys, they were dangerously wobbly when I moved back, so I got them repaired and they are still standing. Unlike most of the chimneys down town that fell, causing big holes on roofs and many smashed cars below. How all that shaking affected my roof will be more evident with the next rain; the land is scorched from a long drought at the moment, plants suffer, but on the other hand can’t wish for rain with most of the down town roofs still gaping. There is not enough people to repair everything at once, moreover during all this corona restrictions. There was one immediate victim of a quake, a girl (15) died in a hospital from head injuries caused by a falling wall, and one man died from a fall while putting up scaffolding.

Things high up are represented by the tenth house; MC just passed the South Node – things from the past, and the house contains a mighty stelium of Pluto (higher power), Mars (strike), Jupiter (widespread) and Palas (architecture). But enough about the quake, another bunch of aftershocks today are enough. In 1880 they lasted for 6 months, so we better get used to them.

In continuation to the previous post with considerations about the virus, connected dates and aspects, there is one more thing that should not have come as a surprise, the economic impact of the virus and resulting global lockdown, that became a top news just after the Venus Uranus conjunction on March 8. Moreover, Venus and Uranus were opposing Apolon in Scorpio (rapid proliferation of the undermining factor), and in a big trine with Pholus and Quaoar in Capricorn (advice about revolutionary changes and new state of mind) and Moon in Virgo (health of the workforce and changes to production), that was opposing Okyrhoe in Pisces, turning us back to locally produced goods due to shipping disruptions. But I did get surprised in a way, planning to forecast the next recession for this summer and fall, coming with and after the Venus retrogradation – like it happened in 2007, after Venus made 3 conjunctions to Saturn in Leo. This time the shadow period begins on April 9 with Venus crossing 5`20 where it will turn direct on June 6, after turning retro on May 13 from 21`50. The repetition cycle ends on July 29 With Venus crossing 21`50.

But if we look at the aspects Venus repeats for 3 times, we are already on the slippery slope, and more tricky threefold aspects are ahead, to test our emotional and financial stability. Let’s see what are we in for. 

Ve 90 Toro on Jan 31, June 15 and 2 Feb 21 – Toro calls for a physical strength and stamina to fulfill our wishes, with boasting macho behavior. There was a T square, with Venus opposing Rhiphonos at the same time. Those days there was still other news beside the virus, like brexit, Yemen and Syria, but on that day Italy, currently leading with the number of infections, reported the first 2 cases.

Ve 60 Asia on Feb 19, June 5 and August 15 – we followed the plight of the Diamond Princes cruiser, Iran reported first cases, MMF reported how the virus is a risk for the economy.

Ve 0 Europa on Feb 24, June 22 and July 23 – while the # of cases was rising in Europe and across the world, EU donated 230 million Euros for the development of the vaccine; the EBRD, Eu bank for development had a meeting about the ‘green and blue Europe’ and investments in west Balkans region.

Ve 90 Ceres on March 24, June 8 and July 16 – first aspect happens shortly before the New Moon conjunct Chiron, opposing Make and Logos and squaring a stelium around the South node and Sisyphus on the North… and it looks like the virus scare wont be over so soon. The aspect relates to productivity, price of food and challenges due to weather conditions and climate. People are already buying crazy amounts of supplies. On March 13 Croats have spent 98% more than on the same day last year. Stores are still filling up the emptied shelves, but for how long, due to disrupted supply chains? They are already missing some items in the eco stores imported from Italy and Holland. Mike bought me some of the last ones, just not enough for couple of months. On the other hand, this crisis is giving a chance for the nature to breathe a bit more easily, due to world wide disruption in production and travel. This was the day when Olympics was finally postponed. who said how the pandemic is quickening and us is a new hotspot.

Ve 120 Amor on March 31, May 15 and July 23 – Amor is very subtle and gentle and usually not so readily felt. But it stands prominent when there is a need for humanitarian intervention. At the same day Venus conjuncts Sedna that can point to migrants, but also the virus still alien to our immunity. Moreover, for Hygeia was 0 Sedna when the virus was identified. Mars 0 Saturn 180 Vulcanus will not help to ease the situation, and some will reach a braking point, what can lead to dramatic situations. Especially where the (family) pathology already exists. On the day un called this the worst crisis since 1945. There was a tornado in Arkansas and bomb in Afghanistan, the world was counting infected and dead while we were all appalled by the homeless people ‘evacuated’ to a parking lot in Las Vegas.

Venus is transiting sensitive points in the virus charts, from Sedna and Hygeia (March 31-April 1 at 27_) to Moon, Atlantis Admetos conjunction at 0` on April 4. There was almost no other news but the virus, who is infected or died from the famous people. The question was raised how because of the fear from corona many other illnesses might not be diagnosed. And a probably Sudanese guy (1987) killed 2 and injured 7 in a knife attack near Lyon, France.

Ve 90 Urania on April 7, June 8 and Aug 8 – while shocking realizations may be a challenge for some, others tame emotions with rational approach. The sky is enchanting, not just the Super Moon brightening the nights, but looking far in and far out brings valuable insights. Beside the shocking virus infected/dead counts, British PM Johnson is said to be on oxygen and stable, while Trump accused who for being slow and threatened to stop financing them.

Ve 120 Logos on April 11, June 21 and 29 – times of crisis are great for science. Innovations of nowadays will change the world. Not just in epidemiology and medicine, but the way we communicate (Gemini) and relate (Libra). Isolated in our homes we can learn a lot about ourselves and close ones.

Ve 60 Chiron on April 11, June 11 and July 10 – founds and donations help the pioneering work in medicine while the pharmaceutical market blooms. The pain can make us hasty and the rush can make us sick. Pain is good if it makes us change.

Ve 90 Okyrhoe on April 11, June 10 and July 10 – necessity is the mother of invention. If the shortening of supply chains and food from our own gardens and local suppliers can be called invention. There could be many beneficial outcomes if we learn how to use and reuse.

Ve 60 Panacea on April 12, May 31 and Aug 17 – more money spilled in the search for a miracle cure. Some donate while some paddle shady products to panicking online buyers. Some do silly things and pulling weeds pull something in their shoulder..

Ve 0 Bienor on April 13, June 5 and July 21 – let us think about what we can be grateful for, thank those who help and inspire, light a candle, donate do the temple. Goodness and beauty can help us settle our minds and find patience.

Ve 0 Vesta on April 14, May 15 and September 22 – being clean and patiently wait for the conditions to be fulfilled is what Vesta requires. We may learn to love how things are on the hold and benefit by keeping our mind and hearts on things of worth and beauty. But for paychecks, deliveries and celebrations we may have to wait a bit longer.

Ve 120 Bertholda on April 14, June 17 and July 13 – with restrictions on one side, we will be looking for a high on the other. Maybe in someone’s eyes? We may also hug trees, enjoy fruit, learn about healing herbs.

Ve 120 Juno on April 16, June 16 and July 14 – maybe some herbs and mental discipline to settle the raging hormones. Because of love, curiosity and a strong need for belonging many will be tempted to venture out and engage in risky behavior. Video calls will not be enough.

Ve 90 Orcus on April 16, June 9 and July 13 – moreover for the challenge of Orcus is risking our lives and facing the consequences of broken oats and promises. We should value and praise ones who take the risk for the benefit of society. And think at least twice before taking a risk on impulse, whim or peer pressure. For the next few days are decisive and fateful.

Ve 90 Nemesis rs on April 18, June 2 and August 10 – dangerous T square is forming and warning, the virus is just one of the enemies. We are to ourselves if we don’t honor Orcus and find ourselves on the wrong side of Nessus. Especially if we are not thoughtful and mature enough to control the whimsy, lustful Venus with all the wishes she comes up with in curious Gemini. Idle mind is a bigger danger than a conscious risk in line of duty, work and honor. 

Ve 90 Nessus on April 19, June 4 and July 17 – the representative of bad blood can mean a danger of infection, poisoning, but also violence, due to lust, jealousy and various kinds of family, klan, tribal or ethnical karma and associated hostility. That Venus, with her frivolous charm can trigger. Especially with the effects of isolation and lack of usual outlets.

Ve 0 Buda on April 19, May 5 and Oct 19 – although I’m still not convinced in Buddhist or mind mastering influence of this roid, let us hope it can settle the impulsiveness and remind us how we may not be getting what we want but can still enjoy and indeed should cherish what we do/still have. Moreover, many could realize how much time and money they have spent on things and activities they can happily live without. Catching up on reading might help, just as a significant dream or a visit from a messenger, human or animal.

Ve 0 Hygeia on April 20, May 16 and September 4 – is to value health and hygiene, hopefully not to late, considering the last seven days. Price of hygiene products already went sky high.. and many companies switched from their usual products to those hygiene related. And for many who got their hair, nails etc done by others this crisis posed another level of challenges. On one side is s cow pestering her cosmetician to come and do her nails privately, regardless of the lockdown, not taking no for an answer saying: but how can I run around with nails like this?!! On the other are the more or less successful do it yourself jobs with many funny results. People are suddenly starting to show their real (hair) colors 🙂 For me nothing much changed; been doing my own hair and nails forever. But have another problem; water heater got full of calc, not having enough warm water for a quick shower and hair (got a lot of it) at the same time. While a guy who needs to come and clean it lives in a neighboring town and has no pass to drive in. Therefore my hygiene habits also need to adopt to circumstances.

Ve 150 Poseidon on April 21, June 3 and July 17 – Poseidon is about secret knowledge, also a mystical and philosophical approach to things. That we do need but it doesn’t come lightly, for a Gemini Venus would rather a quick course garnished with humor while the insights from Scorpio are deep and rarely funny.

Ve 120 Hidalgo on April 23, June 8 and July 16 – Hidalgo is about protecting the deprived but is also active when police protects peace and order, what some might call persecution. However, Hidalgo is foremost politics; in Libra we must think about China regarding prices (Venus) and trade (Gemini).

Ve 150 Hylonome on April 26, May 29 and July 20 – we may have to deal with some grief, either because of loss and loneliness or irresponsibility,

Ve 90 Rhiphonos on April 26, May 30 and July 24 – another pair of interesting days; some will realize how much of the beauty, worth, value, stock, reserve.. wandered off somewhere, spent on things that suddenly lost worth and usefulness in our lives, changed forever. Sharp turns in values, tastes, eating habits, fashion, also phone and medical bills are to be expected.

Ve 0 Echeclus on April 27, May 22 and Aug 6 – a time to face mindlessness; with Eheklo reason goes out of the window, our minds but also communication devices may not compute. Then it is best to leave things for tomorrow when the fog will lift. Some may feel smitten, some bewildered; in any case it is not a time to declare or buy.

Ve 180 America on April 30, June 8 and 29 – will the markets rise or fall remains to be seen.

Bennu 0 Venus on May 2 (also: 21.Dec19.+1.3.21.+28.1.+28.4.22.) – facing the damage and discussing how to restore the trade, value, allure and influence will perhaps be the highlights. Interesting is how last time the duo squared Buda (and opposed Vulcanus) while now are conjuncting it. In December news were full of natural disasters, from fires in Australia, Corsica and Las Vegas, to a very deep cyclone (extremely low pressure), storm Elsa pounding Portugal and Spain, another high water in Venice and strong hail on Croatian side of Adriatic. The corona virus was perhaps already circulating, or rather mutating (Bennu) to adapt to humans (both were also 60 Chiron). Trump announced the Space Force, there was talk about misappropriation of founds in Mormon church.

Ve 90 Neptune on May 4+21 and June 27 – may be great for inspiration, art, wet dreams and  daydreaming, but can just as easily bring us cleverly packed illusions, disappointments and addiction. Prices of drugs and fossil fuels may fluctuate and be subject of some shady deals. Mercury transits Sun at the time in Taurus, home turf of Venus, where our need for material security with all the greed and cravings come from. With the attention on shiny presentation, the real puppet masters are occupied with other things.

Ve 120 Zeus on May 4 + 22 and July 26 – like weapon deals while focusing the attention to diplomacy. In any case, we should focus on what we love and cherish, communicating what we like and expect from others. And enjoy the thunderstorm.

Ve 90 Diana on May 5+16 and September 3 – deals with the challenges to and value of self protection, especially regarding health, job security, children, animals, communications and transport. Effects of our lockdown on wildlife can be interesting. Note how Venus is already stagnating and therefore all her favors can now have a deeper, past life and karmic meaning. And can easily and suddenly change. Whim and instinct outweighing conventions and reason.

Buda 0 Venus S onMay 5 (see April 19)

Ve 0 Asbolus on May 5+18 and Aug 1 – although I’ve never seen anything concrete in connection with this centaur, it is worth noting and may ad something to Venus and Buda.

All in all, what we love, cherish and think we need will go thru a thorough reevaluation in the coming months. And, as is repeated on many levels these days, after this nothing will be the same any more. Let’s do our part to make it a better place. And the work has to start from our own values, illusions and atavistic behaviors.

And just one observation; due to corona and social distancing, during Mercury (reporters) retrograde in Pisces (broadcasting/sound), the microphones on so called ‘fishing poles’ came back to use, so the reporter and subject can stand far enough 🙂

Julia P. Lhadon
Croatian Astrological Association