It is with greatest sadness that we inform you that our dear friend and astrologer Julia Pintar has moved her soul to a healthier and happier world. Her funeral will be held on Saturday, December 18 at 10:45 in front of the small hall Mirogoj crematorium in Zagreb.

This website will be shut down on December 20, 2022.

Astrological CV

Julia Pintar Lhadon aka Juju, 26 12 1965, 7:00 am, Zagreb, Cro

I was born in an academic-humanistic-artistic family that gave me a good foundation to mix up the scientific-critical thinking with the freedom of artistic expression. My grandma Charlotte taught me to speak in front of an audience, training me to give monolog performances for family and friends marking holidays. The professors, Mom and Auntie, gave me a love for learning and teaching others, while both of my parents, alongside Grandma and auntie Adry, were excellent story tellers.

Alongside growing up in nature and in a multicultural surrounding, exposed to four languages daily, thanks to Auntie I have learned the language of mythology and symbols, along with the power of thinking. The talent for writing is also in my genes, it was in Elementary when my first articles were published in a local journal, Sparrows. On the other hand, my love for the vastness of space came from Star Track, that incarnated on this planet the same year as I did, and got me having fun drawing planetary systems from early childhood. Loved to play chess with my dad and they say I was quite good, but had no one to play with after dad left.

Although I found mom’s short lived fun with fortunetelling from playing cards somewhat amusing (in which my dad was a real master but would sadly not teach me anything), her reading annual forecasts for birth signs from a German astrological yearbook to her friends did not sound to convincing to me. So I can understand people who are skeptical regarding astrology. My path at first went around, thru insatiable reading of literature from the edge of science, from psychology and parapsychology to spirituality and eastern thought.

On the other side, I’m passionately interested in nature and it is no small wonder I haven’t studied biology. But then I would probably end up working for Max Plank or similar institute, having fun trying to awake dinosaur genes in chickens. Nor did I, after two initial years of school for film and TV, go to a film academy or study journalism, nor film wildlife in Africa as I originaly thought, but had to find my own way thru the maze of interests.

We often forget how we, humans, are also integral parts of nature, and are even less conscious of the fact that our Solar System is, with all its physical and symbolic wonders, also a part of that nature. For there is no border between nature and space or humans and nature, except in some minds. In that line of thinking, I can only conclude that instead of microbiology, I’m now working with macrobiology! Or rather with micro (minor objects of the solar system) in macro (sol.sys)

On my path I was also a musician (1985-2004) playing some rock and a lot of Chicago blues on a bass guitar, following Dad’s genes who was a world class jazz musician. Playing music is a very transcendental experience, and I guess playing with the harmony of sounds was a preparation for the harmony of the spheres. Besides trying out vitraille stained glass art work that the war did away with, I have read a bit about Kabala with interest and learned about a Tree of life that divides the sphere of human existence according to planets. The Tree have led me to Taro cards with planetary position as a brief transition phase. Namely, at that time a astrologer wife of my spiritual teacher died and, although I haven’t learned anything from her, still thinking how astrology is a bit shady and at least too complicated to look in to, her husband looked me in my eyes and proclaimed: ‘Now you will become and astrologer!’ A loud: ‘No way!’ was my replay and with conviction. But astrology is not an interest, it is a calling. And I was called.

Next came a time for Saturn to transit my natal Sun and dark clouds filled my life with doubts and suffering. While Dad poured whiskey on my pouring tears and said nothing, my Auntie, bless her soul, gave me for my birthday an astrological reading. Thankfully from a decent astrologer, who clarified me a lot of things, like why and wherefrom, convincing me in that short time how astrology indeed makes a lot of sense. But that alone was still not enough to get me studying it. Crucial was the fact that he gave me a rudimentary, hand sketched natal chart, an encrypted picture that fell on the fertile ground of my endless curiosity. For the astrologer did not give me answers to some crucial questions I had. But had undoubtedly shown me how from the picture of the sky in the moment of our birth, some deep truths and wondrous things can be read. So I started to learn another, astrological language.

At that time there were no computers and astrological reading was scarce. It might be said I got in to astrology in an unusual way. Not from learning how to interpret natal charts like most people do. Instead of ‘cookbooks’ in that regard, my first astrological literature consisted from ephemeris for a current time – that were supposed to help me track transit to my natal chart but at that time I still had no idea about a natal chart – and Dane Rudhyar’s book on Sabian symbols. Therefore, I was mainly following what was happening between the planets in real time, like: oh, there’s a conjunction of Moon and Venus this evening, let’s see, feel and realize how that reflects on the atmosphere around us! In that way, I have slowly built on the practical experience and gained understanding how planetary energies interact, here and now.

Then, by the end of 1980es some astrological books, like ‘The best way to learn astrology,’  Table of houses and Michelsen’s ephemeris appeared in bookshops. It took me quite a while until I gained enough confidence in my astrological calculations, but in the end I realized how the math used in astrology quite differs and is much more logical to me from math we are taught in schools. Moreover, the curiosity to track every day transits of minor asteroids from 10 day ephemeris got me to calculate their daily movements and aspects for years, and with great pleasure. What was extremely useful, for it gave me an insight in to the nuances and curiosities of orbits and synodic cycles of smaller objects of the solar system.

First it was a monthly position of Chiron that appeared in the Michelsen ephemeris and a copy of Zane’s Chiron and a healing journey. Then, with the first computer and Astrocalc appeared Ceres, Palas, Juno and Vesta. Until then I was already well versed in the basics of astrology, so I dived in to study of asteroids with a great zest. At first, everyone was laughing at me for wasting time on ‘those little rocks’. But soon I started giving lectures about them and now everyone is using at least few asteroids, even the famous roid skeptic, John Frawley. And there is a lot of work for us who love to research those ‘little rocks’. Moreover, the Solar system grew much more complicated in the last decades, for now, besides lights, inner and outer planets with asteroids between them, we have centaurs, transneptunian, kuiper, oorth cloud and scattered disc objects.

After some meetings and pondering, we founded the Croatian Astrological Association, on Oct. 3 1994 at 7:29 in Zagreb. It was great to mingle with people who speak the same, astrological language! Now, decades later, we forgot what a blessing it was compared to a solitary study! My duties in the Association began on Oct 25 95 when I was elected Association’s Notary on the 2nd Assembly, position I held with a few short breaks until the 20th Assembly. At the same time I became a member of Presidency, where I held various positions. On the 3rd Assembly, with the initial donation from Noel Tyl, we founded the Association’s library and they elected me for a librarian. After the 9th Assembly on April 4 2002 was elected President, to a positions I held next 10 years.

Grandma’s training, high school speaking assignments and musical performances all prepared me well and I happily held 75 lectures in Association’s organization, from spring 1996 until 2014, not counting a few moderated workshops, annual celebrations and the occasional seminar (on Lunar return charts, Secondary progressions and Karmic astrology). I represented the Association on the 6th international astrological conference on Balkans with a lecture representing asteroids on March 11 2006.

Thanks to desktop publishing my first astrological monthly named Svakodnevnik was coming out in 1993-96, and from 1997 I create Planetoscope, the ultimate astrological notebook, while the hot topics of a new millennium and big eclipse of 1999 got me to write a book: Dawning of the New Millennium and New Age. I also published various articles in various papers (Arena, Večernji list, Vjesnik, 24, Astro magazin), while 6 years of writing weekly horoscopes for Zeleni Oglasnik, from 1989 till 95 proved to be excellent training in astrological thinking and synthesis. As an astrologer, I was a guest on few TV shows; on Na rubu znanosti, Briljantin and 4zida on the national HTV, Kod Sanje on RTL, inMagazin and Provjereno on Nova TV and Povećalo on OTV), but mostly on my favorite media, radio; (Radio 101, Velika Gorica, Sljeme, Plavi radio).

After the printed Svakodnevnik and already digital Green Prognosis, few articles on Chiron in a sadly short lived Chiron, on Sun on even shorter lived Sun, mid 1990es our Association started to develop a journal Mercury, and it became a home for my mundane astro prognosis and articles derived from various studies and researches.

I never became an active blogger on Association’s web page and it took a long time until the idea of my own web page came true. It would also be great to finally put together some of the books that bug my brain for many years. In the meantime, from 2005, with great pleasure and gratitude I observe and participate, as time lets me, in the research of minor objects on two internet groups, Centaurs and Centaurs 2, started on the initiative of Zane Stein, ‘father of centaurean astrology,’ and with the cooperation of numerous exceptional people. They are a true well of outstanding insights, by which, as some say, we build the future of astrology. With the end of 2020 due to yahoo groups shutting down, they became : &

List of lectures given for the Croatian Astrological Association methods of forecasting – asteroids forecasting methods in astrological practice forecasting methods in astrological practice 2 thru the Zodiacal Ages look at the millennial eclipse on August 11 1999 return chart – how we experience life 1 return chart – 2 of humanity thru Zodiacal Ages – in Rijeka Day or slow Moon and  Mercury in front or behind the Sun insight in to May the 3 upcoming eclipses say insight in to upcoming summer above so below – Astro insight in to Oct. 02 above so below – Feb 2003 astrology: How and why to look in to the past above so below – March 2003 above so below – April 2003, energy fields and a human body above so below – May 2003 above so below..– June 2003 above so below – summer 2003 9th birthday ‘Curious in fog’ with a lecture on Pandora words of astrological language 1 words 2: Vesta – sacred love & fire of a hearth words 3: Palas Atena – a strategic winner Astrology words 4: Juno – sacred marriage. pathological relationships & hormones Astrology Day: Astrology & astronomy words 5: Ceres – nature, food and nursing on zodiac and traditional rulerships words 6: Eros and Psyche – lovers of the zodiac workshop: Eros & Psyche workshop: short insight in to 2005 about the zodiac 2 words 7: Lilith and Toro – warriors of the zodiac workshop: Lilith & Toro’s path in Karmic astrology here and now (along Čerina & Dužević) words 8: …and not just asteroids of discoveries solstice: summer 2006 equinox: autumn 2006 workshop . Saturn/Neptune – reality check of everyday moment workshop system and metaphors of orbital characteristics of the 7th house– whom and why we love astrology of retrogradation planets – well of astrological insights, angles and times of the day times & Psyche – lovers of the zodiac in astrological practice cycle of Saturn & Pluto of Now progression – time sensitive application of astrology of the times in words of minor planets planet Ceres in natural sciences of the times in words of minor planets insight in to upcoming elections and taking in astrology live astrology words of the astro. language: Green pirates, shepherds and protectors 1 words of the astro. language: Green pirates, shepherds and protectors 2 mundane astrology: 2013. insights for Aquarians – at Astro Café launch of Valentines – at Astro Café insights for Pisces – at Astro Café astro days: Lunar return chart – how we experience life  astro days: Cardinal signs these days – from basics to upscale


  1. Kic, Zgb on asteroids

12.6.2000. in Pula for their astro association about asteroids

13.6.2000. in Rijeka promoting my book: Dawning of the new Millennium

In Beograd, Serbia, on the 6th international conference on Balkans: 11.3.2006. New words of astrological language: practical use of asteroids

List of articles published in Mercury and Association’s web:

after many shorter announcements and comments in previous issues..

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  13. Merkur 39: SDO 2003 UB313 named Eris
  14. Merkur 40: Solar system and metaphors of orbital characteristics
  15. Merkur 40: Chiron in perihel: birth of Chiropractics & discovery of x rays, (based on Z. Stein)
  16. Merkur 41: Astrometeorology of warm/cold winters thru history
  17. Merkur 42: Nuances of retro Venus and frustrations of retro Mars
  18. Merkur 42: Elections 2007
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  47. Merkur 61: Eros & Psyche – lovers of the zodiac
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  49. UAH web : Hygeia and a medical affair Jan. 2013
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  55. UAH web : Mystery of the missing plane 28.3.2014.
  56. Merkur 64: Ebola – microscopic alien and avenger of oppressed nature

Published a book: Dawning of the New Millennium and Age of Aquarius, Hermes 1999, isbn 953-6246-22-8


Political forecast for 2009, Spring 2010 and Eroskop: love horoscope for Valentines 2010 for Večernji list

Astro prognosis for 2010 for Vjesnik

Astro forecast for 2011 for 24

Monthly Mandalas in English:

Back in 1989 when I got a job to write weekly forecasts for Sun signs, to aid in visualization, I started to draw weekly charts of planetary movements. Then, I had no idea how:

  • the writing of solar sign forecasts, so undervalued and looked upon in more ‘serious’ astrological circles, can be in fact very useful, especially at the start of astrological studies, that is actually never ending
  • how the relatively simple pictures with hardly a dozen of planets will in time evolve in to complex mandalas with about 70 of them..
  • how the weekly charts from early ‘90es will evolve in a monthly front page for Planetoscope, the ultimate astrological notebook, that I’m producing since January 1997 and after September 5 2013 in to Monthly Mandalas. Namely, I wanted to share the already elaborate pictures of monthly movements with many asteroids, centaurs and transneptunians, with the fellow researchers of minor objects of the solar system on Centaur groups.. for there is no astrological software that can present the sky as human hand and years of experience can. Foremost in a speed and position sensitive manner. Even less did I thought how added comments will lead to a wide range of astrological pondering and observing relations of what is up to that below, in personal and social life, steering me completely to writing in English instead of Croatian language.

Radio & TV

Radio is my favorite media and I’ve spent many nights on Radio 101, mostly with Duda and Mandragora, also as a guest on Radio Velika Gorica, Sljeme, Plavi Radio

In HTV show Brilijantin I had a not a so easy task to answer: What is astrology?, also in HTV On the edge of science 2006 and 4zida in 2010. On RTL Kod Sanje, Povećalo on OTV with Dorino Manzin, and few various comments on various subjects.. like on Nova TV on precession and difference between the signs and constellations..

Zagreb, 2020